Sanding Rivets

Time: 2.75 hrs

Today I sanded the left side fuselage rivets that I filled yesterday. The process is a bit slower then filling them, but still moves along pretty quick. No real tips here, just don’t sand too much. I made a tool to protect the skins when you sand the rivet. I made the tool with two different size holes (one of 4mm and the other for 3.2mm) but you really only need the larger one since the sanding disc won’t get in between that small gap. The width of the tool (about 1-1.5″) was pretty good. I was able to get in between most rivets and have the tool sit flush on the skin. A few places I just had to be careful with the sander and not use the tool. And the few countersunk rivets needed to be done with care as well… just a few light scratches on the skins.

This is what I’ve been using to fill the rivets and the tool I made to protect the skin when sanding. I’m using a small 3″ sanding disc on my electric drill with 240 grit paper (will need to get a photo of that).


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