Filling Rivets

Time: 1.5hrs

Started to fill the fuselage rivets. Yesterday we had a party at the house so what better way to get some help to move the plane. I rounded up a few friends (before we starting drinking) and we managed to lift it and gently place it on its side on the ground. I bought some flotation noodles which work really well to keep anything from getting dented or scratched. I was able to fill the whole left side today so I don’t think it’s going to take as long as I was expecting. 

The process goes pretty quick. Most of the time is spent mixing small quantities of resin, hardener, and talc. I’m mixing very small quantities because you can’t use that much by the time it starts to dry. I use about a teaspoon or resin, 4 drops of hardener and about a teaspoon of talc. The talc is just to make it a little more pasty. You don’t want it too pasty because you want the resin to flow and fill down into the rivet. I use a plastic (Chinese style) chop stick to dab the mix onto each rivet. Just a few notes that I should mention about the process:

The process requires gravity to be on your side so whatever you want to fill needs to be somewhat flat and horizontal. 

Make sure to put plenty of resin mix onto the rivet head. When I started I was being stingy and not using much. However the resin does seep into the rivet so if you don’t fill enough then it may dimple in the middle and you’ll have to add more. This is mostly on the larger 4mm rivets and for some reason the countersunk rivets. 

Don’t fill your static port 🙂 

The mix. This was the first one I made so I made way too much. Also in the photo is the chopstick for dabbing the mix into the rivets which also doubles as the mixer. 

The plane on its side. One noodle cut in half was used. I just put them under the front fuselage at about 3 and 6 feet from the front. 

Filled rivets. Will try out sanding tomorrow. 


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