Main Wheel Spats

Time: 2.25hrs

Worked on fitting together the spats for the mains. I followed the same procedure as was done on the nose wheel… clamp and tape into place, drill pilot hole, drill 4mm hole then use the hand reamer to ream the inside hole to fit an M4 rivnut. These didn’t seem to come out as well as the nose wheel spat. I couldn’t get the join to sit flush and having to put in the rivnuts made the seam even more pronounced. I’ll have to look at the ones at TAF to see if the job I did is acceptable. I think they came out pretty good so I’m probably just being a bit too picky. 

Finished. The tops will need to be cut down, but I’ll need to fit them into the main gear to see how much to cut. 

A little closer photo. 


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