Nose Wheel Spat and Seatbelt Cam

Time: 3.75hrs

  • Finshed installing front seatbelt shoulder straps and cams
  • Prepped new bracket for main wheel spats
  • Worked on fitting nose wheel spat parts together

Today I finished up installing the front seatbelt cams and shoulder straps. The manual only mentions the cam installation so I had to double check the shoulder strap install from some factory photos on Graig’s site. I think it’s correct, if not it can easily be unbolted and changed. The AN7 nuts I purchased works fine on the supplied bolts. The supplied bolts are actually metric, but the threads match the AN7-20 nuts exactly. I suppose you could just replace the supplied bolts with AN7 bolts and make things easier. I also had to use the step reamer on the shoulder strap mount since it was slightly too small. I reamed it to 7/16 and the bolt fit perfectly. 

Shot of the bolt holding in the cam. Torqued to 40ft pounds. 

Underside of the shoulder strap mount. Torqued to 40 ft pounds. 

Top side of the shoulder strap mount. 

Yesterday I had gone down to Torrance TAF to get a few more 3.2mm countersunk rivets and had also mentioned to Jean that I didn’t receive the wheel spats in the finishing kit thinking he would have to order them. Well to my surprise he was able to find a complete set of wheel spats. So today I starts to work on fitting the nose wheel halfs together. It came out pretty good and wasn’t too difficult to do just a bit time consuming, but then again what isn’t on this airplane?

Before drilling I fit the halves together and held them with tape and some clamps. There are small dimples where the 4mm pilot holes get drilled so once you have things lined up it’s just a matter of drilling and clecoing.

I noticed that one side wasn’t fitting so well. It turns out there was a bit of a bump on the edge. Using some 220 grit paper and a sanding block it was easily leveled out. 

A tip from Jeano at Torrance TAF was to use a hand reamer to ream the holes in the under piece for the M4 rivnuts. He said it stays centered much better then a drill. Seemed to works pretty well. After holes were reamed I installed the M4 rivnuts with a little high strength loctite. 

And it’s done. The top gets cut after I fit it to the gear. I may do a little more fine tuning, but it didn’t come out as bad as I thought it would.  Also I need to make the hole to access the valve stem on the right side. 

There was also a bit of damage to the front half that I needed to fill and sand. 


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