Nose Wheel Redux

Time: 1hr

I heard back from Jean on the valve stem issue for the nose wheel. I had noticed a U shaped cut out in the hub before and wondered what that was for. It turns out if you use the longer 90 deg. valve stem then you pass it through the hub, so apart comes the tire. 

Stem through the U shaped cut out of the hub. 

After getting the first half of the hub on the tire now the valve passes through a hole on the second half of the hub. Also don’t forget the O ring between the two halves. Then torque up the bolts. I torqued them to around 11ft pounds, but I need to see if there are exact torquing values on the Matco site for these hubs.  Also the red dot on the tire lines up with either the valve stem or a white or yellow mark on the tube. I don’t have a mark on the tube so I lined it up with the stem. You then inflate to 80% pressure, reduce to 50%, then back up to 100%, which is 2.5bar or around 36psi. 

I’m not sure what the pink dot is. I couldn’t find any mention of it on the Desser site. 


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