Nose Gear

Time: 2.75hrs
Things done today:

  • Assembled nose gear
  • Attached nose gear assembly to engine mount

Assembled the nose gear and attached it to the engine mount. I’m thinking it’s OK to attach it to the engine mount now, it was certainly easier to get all the washers in with the gear upside down. I’m hoping that I won’t need a new spring for the 915 because it’s a little heavier then the 914… I might still use the 914 anyways though.

The Nose Gear all assembled. I probably shouldn’t have torqued the bolts on the top plate yet since almost everything above the spring has to come off to mount it on the engine mount. 

Fork assembly with the brackets for the wheel spats. The short brackets on the main gear are the front of the gear. Also installed the M5 rivnuts in the spat brackets. The hole in the very front is for a tow bar. 

Well went to put the wheel on and saw that the long valve stem hits the spat brackets. Either I have the incorrect tube or there’s another way to install this. I’ll check with Jean from TAF. 

There brackets are used to attach the gear to the engine mount. The bottom two fit a bit tight so I had to remove about 1/16 off the inside of them. The gear seems to turn OK now…maybe a slight bit tight. 

Close up of the top of the gear. 

I found it easier to flip the gear upside down and then stack the washers in and push the bolt up. There are 5 thick and 1 thin AN3 washer used here in between the plates. 

All done


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