Soundproofing and Nose Gear

Time: 4.5 hrs

Things done today:

  • Finished the soundproofing on the center fuselage… Yay!
  • Loosely put together the nose gear

Finally finished all the soundproofing on the center fuselage. I’m so glad that’s done. It’s not particularly hard to do, just time consuming. Plus it’s been about 100 degrees here and the garage gets hot so that doesn’t help. It came out pretty good, not as good as Peter’s but I’m happy with it. There were a few tricky places like around the front NACA ducts.

Right side

Left side

Nose gear loosely assembled. I had a hard time getting the AN4 bolts in on the top plate. I slowly worked them in and back out over and over and that seemed to do the trick. I also used the grease that came with the undercarriage kit on the bearings. It didn’t say to do this in the manual, but it seems like there should be grease there. I’ll double check with TAF to make sure.


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