Soundproofing and Seatbelt Cam

Time: 2hrs

Happy 4th!!!!

Things done today:

  • More soundproofing in Center Fuselage
  • Worked on re plumbing the right static port
  • Worked on installing front seat belt cams

I saw in Craig’s build log that he had all the static port lines run up after leaving the port to avoid water getting into the lines. This seemed like a good idea the problem is I already closed up the rear fuselage section. I knew the left side was fine because that route out of the port and up the rib, but the right side routed down and into the split. So it was time to see if I could get to the static lines and fittings from the access holes on the bottom of the fuselage. It was a bit tough, but fortunately I had put things were I could still reach them and rerunning the one line from the static port wasn’t too difficult. Putting the tie wraps back was a bit of a challenge and making any new holes would be difficult.

New line runs up from the static port then down into the splitter. I’ll finish it up tomorrow.


I also did some work on installing the front seatbelt cams. This install in a small area under the rear seat. I can see that it’s going to be fun getting a wrench in there to tighten it down. Some photos of the process of far.

First thing that needs to be done is to un roll the belt and remove it from the cam. I used the rubber end of a punch to keep the tension on the cam. The cam is under a spring tension so if you let it go then you have to turn it a bunch of times to get the tension back. The punch seems to hold nicely. You then remove the black plastic pin from the belt and the end of the belt pulls back through the cam and a small plastic guide. It take a little work getting it pulled back through.

Needed to cut away some of the soundproofing so the cam sits on the metal and not foam. The space is very tight and its difficult to get a razor in there.

No nuts came with the seat belt assembly so I took the bolt down to the hardware store to see if I could figure out what size it is. From the marking it shows it’s a Class 8.8 bolt which would suggest that it’s metric. Well 10mm is too small and 12mm fits but it was loose. I tried various thread pitches as well 1.0, 1.25, 1.5, and 1.75mm. I also thought it could be around a 7/16 bolt so I tried 7/16 nuts and found one that fit great… a 7/16-20. Well that’s the same as an AN7 nut. I ordered a few of them plus washers from Aircraft Spruce so we’ll see if they fit when they get here.



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