Nose Wheel

Time: 1.25 hrs

My kit was missing the nose wheel rim, but Jean had ordered it a week or so ago so it came in today. Also I don’t have the correct inner tubes for the main (so I can’t work on those yet), but I do have the correct one for the nose wheel. Jean said to get real aviation inner tubes for the mains. The kit came with motorcycle inner tubes. So with the nose wheel rim in hand and the correct inner tube, I figured I should put together the nose wheel today. Now I thought this would take me about 15 minutes… I mean how hard can it be to put a wheel together?

Well the first challenge was to get the value on the inner tube into the rim. I first put the inner tube in the tire and then put the rim half on the tire, but it was nearly impossible to get the valve all the way through. So I attached the valve to the rim and then put the inner tube into the tire (I still need to tighten the bolt on the valve stem… I need a very thin 1/2″ open end wrench). It was then difficult to get the rim onto the tire, but some dish washing soap help. OK so now I have the valve in and halve the rim on. Now on to installing the O- Ring (not really necessary because I’m using an inner tube).

So I attached the other half of the rim with a few bolts and then stretched the O-ring over the rim. I then pushed it down as far as I could, but the tire was in the way. I found that pushing down on the edge of the tire and the O-ring at the same time was enough to get the O-ring down to the rim split point and I just did that all around the tire. You can kind of see the O-ring in the above photon how it sits in the split of the rim.

Great! So now I just had to bolt on the hub. The hub is held on with 3 allen bolts. I had already installed the other 3 allen bolts and I though it would look nice to have the allen head side on the same side as the the valve… well that didn’t work. The hub has large flanges that hit the nut on the valve so the hub had to go on the other side, so I had to remove the other 3 bolts and swap them to the other side. Above is the finished product. The manual also says to fill with air to 80% then down to 50% then to 100%. The manual states this in “bar” so 2.5 bar converts to about 36psi. So fill up to about 29psi then down to 18psi then up to 36psi.



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