Center Fuselage Sound Proofing

Time: 2.5 hrs

  • Painted a few of the undercarriage parts
  • Started installing soundproofing in center fuselage
  • Repaired left front NACA duct

One achievement today was to fix some problems in my left front NACA duct. There was a small crack and some missing resin which I probably could have left, but I figured it would be nicer to fix it. I just mixed some fiberglass resin, hardener and talc powder and dapped it on to the places I needed to fill. Then after it hardened I used the Dremel with a sanding cylinder to lightly sand down the fixed areas then I use 320 grit sand paper to finish the sanding. I then used some filler primer. Didn’t take any before and after photos though.

Started some work on installing the sound proofing to the center fuselage. This is going to take some time. There are a lot of pieces that need to be cut.

Got a few pieces installed on the left side.

And about the same for the right. Still lots to do.


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