Seatbelt Brackets and Misc Fuselage Riveting

Time: 2hrs

  • Drilled out missing holes in side fuselage skins
  • Install seatbelt bracket with 4.8mm rivets and AN3-5A bolt
  • Cleaned up inside
  • Installed rest of soundproofing on floor
  • Riveted rear seat upright panels

Installed the seatbelt bracket with 3 4.8mm rivets and an AN3-5A bolt. I also tried an AN3-6A bolt but it seemed a bit too long, the 5A was a tad on the short side, but still in spec I think. The manual doesn’t mention anything about the seatbelt bracket. 

The inside of the seatbelt bracket. I had a bunch of 4.8mm 10mm length rivets and not even thinking I used those, but after looking at the back of the brackets the 10mm rivets seemed a bit short. I had a few 15mm length rivets so I drilled out the bottom most rivets on both sides and used the longer rivets. I’ll have to hit TAF up for some 15mm 4.8mm rivets and drill out the remaining 2 rivets in each side. 

Just took a few photos of the fuselage. 

Looking aft

Looking forward 


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