More Fuselage Riveting

Time: 1.25hrs

Things done today:

  • Finished 3.2mm rivets on left side fuselage skin
  • Riveted center and rear fuselage join on longerons
  • Drilled out holes in LGN-303 

Pretty much done with all the fuselage skin riveting. I noticed one spot near where the floor meets the skin up by the rudder pedal channel that pulls in a bit. I may need to drill out the rivets in that part and make a small spacer. This is happening on both sides. 

Also there are a few missing holes in the wing reinforcing channel piece that aren’t drilled in the skins so I’ll need to drill those out. After that is done I’ll roll the fuselage onto its side so I can fill the bottom rivets and get that all done. 

Here’s where the pulling issue is on the inside. That right most rivet before the cut out (right near the RG cabling).

It’s a bit hard to see, but there’s a definite pull on the rivet. Also the same on the other side. I don’t know if bending out the inside piece will help or a spacer is in order. 
I also riveted the rear to center fuselage joins at the longerons and had to drill out the holes in the LGN-303 that I made. The top longeron rivets had to be put in facing up.  I couldn’t get the rivet gun (manual or pneumatic) in the small space between the longeron and upper “L” part. So note to other builders… Try to rivet the join before riveting the side skins. 

The top rivets are going into LGN-303 which I made (near the grey rear seat support bracket). I extended to all three holes instead of just the last hole. I believe Peter made a spacer and an extension which would work just as well. 

Still need to vacuum everything up. Lots of debris from drilled out rivets and holes. 


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