Left Side Fuselage Skin

Time: 1.25 hrs

Clecoed the left side fuselage skin on today. Now I just need to find some time to rivet… lots of rivets. Unfortunately with the “Honey Do List” so long I know I will get in trouble if I get caught working on the plane instead of getting things done off the list.

I’m thinking of using the edge tool on the bottom flange of the skins to get a straight seam. I should have done this on the rear fuselage tops too, but the rivets were so close to the edge that the seam would have been in the middle of the rivet holes. I think the bottom flange of these skins are a bit wider so I think it will work.

Once the side skins are riveted I’ll need to fill the rivet holes. I’ll need to check out Peter’s build log, I know he had already come up with a good technique for this. Then I think I’ll do the gear and get this thing movable and can also mount some antennas.

Since I don’t have the wings yet I went down to Torrance TAF to look ┬ádouble check the width of the spar on the quick build they have there. The wing sparis just under 27mm… something like 26.86. My spacers are slightly wider then 27mm (like 27.1ish) and a tight fit so I think I’ll be good. Jean said even a millimeter too wide and you’ll get a crease in the fuselage skin when you tighten the wing bolts.

Almost looks like an airplane. Actually it’s funny because people will come by the house while I’m working and first it was… “What are you building, a sled?”, Then it became… “What are you building, a race car?”, now people actually say… “Is that an airplane?”. So I think it’s starting to take shape.