Right Side Fuselage Skin

Time 1.5 hrs

Just finished up the dimpling/countersinking for the wing fairing holes and clecoed the right side fuselage skin on to the frame. I want to double check with Torrance TAF on the wing spar thickness to make sure my spacers are good before I rivet anything. I don’t have the wings so I can’t measure myself.

Skin is on and all supports inside are attached. I’ll add more clecos before I rivet.

A shot of a few of the holes that I dimpled to accommodate the wing fairing. The holes on the frame were either dimpled or countersunk. I think all the 4mm rivet holes were countersunk because they go into thicker material. The few 3.2mm rivet holes were dimpled.

I had to borrow a friend’s (thanks Jim) C-frame dimpler for the 4mm holes since they are too far in field on the skin for my hand held dimpler to reach and you can’t buy a 4mm (5/32″) pop rivet dimpler (also called a close quarters dimpler).


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