Luggage Area Done

Time: 3hrs

Things done this morning:

  • Riveted luggage floor bracing
  • Riveted parachute box to bulkhead and luggage floor
  • Riveted parachute box to top skins

There were a few rivets on the underside of the luggage floor that hold in the bracing that I left to rivet until later. I was a little concerned that It would be difficult to rivet, but it wasn’t too much of an event.

Now off to the beach for some time with friends.

This areas is going to need some work. It gets covered by the parachute skin cover, but I’d like it to be a bit less bumpy. I think if I bend up some of the rib flanges it might help. I need to get a few more countersink 3.2mm rivets though.

All riveted. Almost ready to put on the front fuselage side skins, but I’m thinking of sound proofing the inside of the firewall first. I was thinking of doing this and Jean (from Torrance TAF) had mentioned that it really helps cut down on engine noise so I’m thinking it may be something worth doing.


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