Control stick and AP Servo Redux

Time: 2.5hrs

Finished installing the new control sticks and also redid the rose joints in the AP servos. 

The controls sticks seem much better then my old ones, though they’ve tightened up a bit not that everything is installed. Probably because the sticks are tied together and there’s more stuff the move. 

Above photos are the roll servo. After installing the short push rod between the control stick and the servo I noticed that there wasn’t much movement of the servers arm. It turns out that I had mounted the rose joint on to the bottom hole of the servo arm and not the 3rd hole (2nd from the bottom). With that fixed the servo movement is much better. 

On to the pitch servo. After connecting the push rod between the servo and the rear elevator control tube I noticed that the servo was the stop limit of the elevator movement and not the main stops. After reviewing the manual I saw that the rose joint should be mounted in the bottom hole and not the 3rd hole of the servo. I also saw that the end of the bolt was very close to one of the bolts holding the servo to the frame. I added one thick washer to the head side of the assembly and that created enough space. 

Photo of how close the end of the bolt was to hitting the mounting bolt. I probably should t have used washers on the mounts, but the bolt was long enough so adding the washer to the head side of the rose joint assembly worked fine. 


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