New Control Stick Assembly

Time: 1.5 hrs

I went down to Torrance TAF today and spoke to Jean about the issues I had/am having with the control sticks. We were able to get some new control sticks assemblies for me to compare and try. Wow what a difference. From the photos you can see that the rear control horn is further back plus this one has stop collars. It installed quick and the movement is very smooth and free now. What a big relief that this problem is finally fixed right. Now I just need to update the other side. 

For the below photos. My original control tick assemblybis on the bottom and the new one is on the top. 

Rear control horn is 1/4-1/2″ further back then mine. Having the control horn further forward made it so I had to elongate the adjustment slots in the rear bracket that holds the control stick to the main spar. It also caused the stop bushing to not hit the control stop. But the new control stick fixes all that… Yay!

Looks like they added a bit more tube and rivets for strength as well. 

Mine didn’t have the stop collars. The collars make a world of difference, it eliminate the forward and back sloppiness in the movement. 


Labeling Wires


One of the other builders asked if I could post what I was using for labeling the wiring on the plane. I’m using a Rhino 6000 labler with heat shink tubing labels. I believe the labeler was around $300. I think there is also a less expensive model that can also use the heat shink cartridges. Also I think there is a model above that can connect to the computer via USB and act as a printer so you can print wire labels from a spreadsheet, etc. So far the labeler and heat shrink labels have worked ok great. I really don’t have anything bad to say about either one.