Static Port Lines and Flap Motor

Time: 1.75hrs

Things done today:

  • Installed static lines
  • Installed Pitch and roll AP push rods
  • Installed flap motor

Flap motor installed. I had to use a 12V power supply and hook it up the red and black wires to extend the flap actuator a bit so I could put in the bolts. I pretty much followed the manual, but ended up putting in all thin washer on the end that connects to the flap tube. The bolt was a tad bit short and using the thin washers allowed me to slowly tighten the bolt until there was just a tiny bit of play in the mount. At this point I was able to put the cotter pin in. With the thick washers in the center it was a bit too tight in the bracket and I couldn’t get the hole in the bolt exposed enough to put in the pin.

I mounted the T to the longeron with a single long 3.2mm rivet. This made for easy routing of the line to the firewall and the right static port.

7/11/2017 Note: I changed the way this was routed to reduce the chance of water getting into the lines. See this post on how it was changed.

Here’s the run over to the left static port. Lots of holes to drill. I’m really happy with this static line. I purchased it from Cleaveland Tool Supply along with the static ports. It’s very easy to work with and seems very durable.


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