Priming Parts

Time: 1.25hrs

Nothing exciting today, just primed a few parts. Since the upper rear fuselage skins were test fit already, I primed them so their ready when the time comes. 

Yesterday I went down to Torrance TAF to pick up a few parts that had come in. I primed these as well. That should be almost be all of the priming for the rear fuselage. I think I just have the front top fuselage skin and the skin that covers the gear channel to prep and prime. 

I used the el cheapo dimpler that goes in a hand rivet puller to dimple the top rivet holes on the parachute cable tray and parachute box. It actually worked really well, but I’m going to order the ones from Cleaveland Tool Supply to do the ones in the skins. I also still need todo the ones in rib 3 and I believe rib 2. 

Lastly I removed the clamps from the static ports and they are holding well. There may be a slight bump in the skin around the ports, but it may just be a reflection of the port in the skin, it’s difficult to tell. Next will be to run the static port lines and rivet the com2 bracket. Once those are done I can put on the top skins of the rear fuselage. 


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