Longeron Issue

Time: 3.75hrs

Things done today:

  • Drilled longeron holes out to 4mm on left and right side
  • Test fit and prepped for priming right Top rear fuselage skin
  • Had to redo the static ports…. trying normal epoxy this time

TAF came back and said to increase the longeron rivets to 4mm so today I worked on doing that to the left and right side. The right side was easy since the holes lined up fairly well, but the left was a bit more work. I feel a bit better about this now that the they are drilled out for 4mm rivets. The rivets fit tighter in the holes rather then the sloppiness of the elonged 3.2mm holes. 

I also had to redo the static ports. When I took the clamps off they just popped off the skin. I removed the old adhesive, cleaned everything and then mixed up some regular epoxy and reclamped. This time I also used a bit less pressure on the clamping since I had noticed that there was a bulge around the ports the first time around. We’ll see if the epoxy holds. 

Holes all reamed to 4mm. This was only done from rib5 back alone the middle longeron. Other side is the same. The test fit of the upper skin went well. There are a few holes that don’t line up on rib 7 (first rib of the tail cone).


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