Luggage Area

Time: 2.75hrs

Things done today:

  • Installed receptacle side (spring) of the DZUS in luggage support channel
  • Riveted the luggage support channel 
  • Tightened rudder cable sheathing… had to remove center fuselage side for that
  • Had to readjust the rear control stick bracket aileron movement…. was a bit tight. 
  • Installed heat shrink T boot
  • Installed CHL-039 and luggage support channel

One thing that was a bit troubling was that I noticed the aileron control was a bit tight. This must have happened when I put in the wood spacers in the main spar, but not really sure. The control sticks that came with my kit were a bit messed up, the control horns weren’t far enough back so I had to elongate the holes in the support brackets to get them to fit with free movement. Also I noticed that the other builders had stop collars on their control stick tubes, but mine didn’t. I assume they updated the design, but not really sure. In order to get the movement on the aileron to be free there was a little forward and back movement in the control stick assembly. I’m thinking that I may be able to put in a stop collar at least in the front to eliminate this forward and back movement. I ordered some anodized 1.5 ID aluminum pipe so more on this when that comes in. 

I had previous drilled the missing holes in the vertical support for the luggage area, but when I went to rivet it the holes were a bit off. I upsized them to 4mm and added two 3.2mm rivets in between. The larger holes in the support channel are for the rivet ends on the rear seat. 

Here’s everything riveted and done including RF-CHL-039 that reinforces the ribs. 

The heat shink T boot arrived today so I finished figured I’d install it on the cablingbthat runs to the tail for the elevator trim and strive light. This T is where the 22AWG-2 wire for the trim motor breaks off to go to the pitch AP servo for auto trim. This is what the boot looks like pre-heat shrunk. 

Here it is after it’s shrunk. It came out pretty good.