VOR, Elevator Trim, and Strobe Wiring

Time: 2.25 hrs

Today I continued work on running the wiring for the VOR, elevator trim tab, and the tail strobe light. The VOR was run separate from the other wires. The Elevator trim and strobe were bundled using cable wrap. The running of these wires is a little more involved because the wiring for the trim motor goes to the elevator AP server before going to the instrument panel (to connect to the VPX vertical power unit). I ordered a “T” heat shink boot to put on this location where the trim motor wiring “T”s off of the main run. I’ll need to finish this up when I get some smaller tie wraps and the cable wrap for the VOR cable. 

VOR, trim and strobe cables out of the tail cone through the existing holes. I have a 22awg-2 (trim motor), 22awg-3 (trim position), 18awg-3 (strobe), 18awg black for strobe ground, and finally an RG400 cable for the VOR antenna. 

These need to be tied up once I get some smaller cable ties. I drilled holes in the lower longeron, the one with the VOR cable so that I can secure it with cable ties. 

This is the rear to center fuselage join. I had considered routingvthe cables trough the rib via the longeron, but then a hole is required in the longeron to get the cable down to run through the spar. I was also thinking that keeping the cable out where it’s not behind a riveted skin so that it can be inspected or replaced. Obviously the cable will be secured better once I get the smaller tie wraps. The VOR I ran trough the rib because it was low enough not need more holes and because it made a better transition the coming out of the longeron on the other side of the rib and running through the lightning hole. 

Will get a better photo when I put the “T” boot on the cable. 

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