Misc Fuselage Work

Time: 1.25 hrs

Things done today:

  • Fixed rivet holes for steps (photo)
  • Modified the center bracket more for rudder cables
  • Started running VOR cable through rear and center fuselage
  • Took inventory for cable for tail strobe and elevator trim tab

I had looked at the Sling 2 manual for the placement of the steps because the Sling 4 manual doesn’t show it. However after looking at some of the factory photos on Craig’s site it looks like I had it a bit too far back. I had to drill out the 4 side and 5 bottom rivets. Below are a side and bottom view of the “correct” location of the holes to leave for the steps. These will need to be reamed to 4mm since that’s what’s used on the the steps.. actually the rivets used at 4mm stainless steel (not aluminum) and are 12mm long which is longer then the typical rivets used. 

Bottom view of the 5 holes needed for the step mounting. Basically it’s one rivet back from the join of the rear and center fuselage. 

And here’s the side view of the 4 holes.