Forever One

Time: 3.75hrs

Things done today:

  • Partially joined the rear and center fuselage sections together. The center fuselage side skins are still not riveted
  • Loosely ran the rudder cable through the center fuselage… Need to tighten bolts on the sheathing part.
  • Installed the long elevator control rod in rear fuselage

Today was a milestone in the build. I was able to join the rear and center fuselage sections together. Rivets were put in the bottom skins and lower longeron to rib joins. I haven’t riveted any part of the side fuselage skins yet, just in case I need to work on something in the center fuselage. I’m also thinking that I may need to take the whole assembly off the work benches and put it on the floor so it’s easier to work on it.

A row of 4mm rivets joint the bottom skin. The second row of 3.2mm don’t do anything, they just fill the holes in the skin.

Inside looks at the rear to center fuselage join. I needed up having to remove the luggage floor it was just too difficult to reach all the rivets with it installed. The rivets on the inner ribs (CF-RIB-006 L&R) were nearly impossible to install, especially the left side where the rear elevator control tube is installed. luckily the holes I drill yesterday lined up well so it wasn’t;t to difficult getting the rivets in their prospective holes.

It almost looks like an airplane. Here’s an outside look at the joined sections. I need to remove the protective covering from the rivet areas on the center fuselage side skin… will have to add that to the task list.


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