Com 2 Antenna Bracket

Time: 1.5 hrs

I fabricated a bracket for mounting the com 2 antenna to the bottom of the rear fuselage. TAF doesn’t supply one. Originally I was hoping to use the old com 1 (top fuselage) bracket, but it didn’t seem to work anywhere. I still was able to use it as a template for drilling the holes in my bracket though. I decided to mount the com 2 antenna a little further back then the com 1 location just to give a little more ground clearance. I located a few inches in front of Rib 4. I should be able to get the coax cable in under the rudder cables.

The bracket came out pretty good. The tricky part is that the longerons that I’m mounting it between angle in a little as they go towards the back so the bend in the bracket also needed to be angled.


Bracket done and 3.2mm holes drilled into the longerons. I need to widen the larger hole in the middle where the BNC connector comes through, but I need to buy a larger step drill. Also the skin and bracket need to be primed so that’s it for now.


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