Step Reinforcement

Time: 4.75 hrs

Things done today:

  • Drilled holes in RF-CHL-008 parts
  • Drilled holes in longerons (RF-LGN-501 L&R) to match holes in RF-CHL-009
  • Riveted step reinforcement parts
  • Clecoed back skins to rear fuselage frame


Holes where missing in the RF-CHL-008 parts so these got drilled out


Top holes were missing for these brackets that will eventually join the rear to center fuselage



So if you use the holes that are drilled in the longerons (RF-LGN-501 L&R) then the gusset stick out past the longeron which doesn’t seem right. The holes seem correct in the channel piece (RF-CHL-009) below that share these same holes so I’ll drill out the longerons using those holes.


Here’s the new set of holes. Now they line up with the holes in the part underneath (RF-CHL-009)


Much better. The Gusset fits flush with the side of the longeron. You can also see RF-CHL-009 that was used as a template for drilling the new holes in the longeron (RF-LGN-501)


All done. All the step reinforcement parts riveted.


Clecoed the rear most skins onto the rear fuselage frame. Everything lined up pretty well. I had previously needed to enlarge a few holes to 4mm to match the holes in the framing so with that already done the work went pretty quick. I’ll have to add more clecos before riveting and will also loosely cleco the large skins as well.