Rear Fuselage

Time: 3.75 hrs

Things done today:

  • Riveted longerons to rear fuselage bottom skin (RF-SKN-007)
  • Clecoed ribs to rear bottom skin
  • Set longerons in ribs using tie wraps
  • Clecoed step reinforcement parts to rear fuselage
  • Installed M3 rivnuts for access door


Longerons riveted to the bottom skin. I riveted the rudder bracket box to the longerons first which made it pretty easily to rivet it on. If you wait until after you have to rivet it from the open side of the longerons which is a bit more difficult and definitely needs a modified riveter to get in there. I also installed the M3 rivnuts for the access door. There is another smaller access door more aft on the left side, but I didn’t install that yet. The issue is that holes are too close to widen to put in M3 rivnuts. I saw Peter put the rivnuts in the door itself which would work, but doing that will leave a gap when the door is screwed on. I’ll have to take a a look at the one door a KTOA and see what they did. It almost looks like it should just be riveted on.


Longerons in place and ribs clecoed


Step reinforcement parts clecoed. I noticed a few holes that need to be drilled out. I’ll drill those out and rivet these parts in tomorrow.

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