Rear Fuselage

Time: 3.0 hrs

Things done yesterday and today:

  • Prepped rear fuselage skin, side fuselage reinforcing wing bracket, and rear seat back bottom channel for priming
  • Primed above parts
  • Gathered parts (already primed) for rear fuselage assembly

Finally got the rear bottom skin (RF-SKN-07) from TAF. Well actually Jean was nice enough to pull the part from a kit they had there since it was looking like another few weeks for the part to come in from SA (I’ve been waiting over 8 months for the part). The catch is the part is the revised part with two rows of 3.2mm rivet holes. My fuselage kit is a little older and only has the single row of 3.2mm (that be upsized to 4mm). The factory says that I need to fill the second row with 3.2mm rivets so I guess I’ll have a row of rivets that don’t do anything. 

So it looks like the new skin for the center fuselage must have been extended to accommodate this second row of holes. Well I’m not going to drill out a hundred rivets and redo all the soundproofing in the center fuselage to install the newer center fuselage to match. 

Ready for priming