Trying to keep busy

Time: 1hr

Just drilled out a few holes that were missing in the framing for the side skins. I’m really hoping that the rear fuselage parts I need are here soon… It’s only been 8 months…

Here’s a¬†few photos of the holes that needed to be drilled out. This is on the right side, but same holes for the left side were done. I had one by the gear channel, one on the very bottom one the firewall and one at the very top of the firewall.

The one by the gear channel (upper right of photo near the black cleco). Photo shows it post drilling.

This is the one on the bottom of the firewall flange (the hole near the red tape). Also noticed an extra hole at the very end that goes into nothing.

And lastly the one on the top of the firewall flange where the top skin meets the side skin. The hole below that is going to be a bit tricky. Below I’ve posted a close up photo from a different angle. The issue with putting a rivet in this hole is that the firewall reinforcing channel is very close to the hole. There’ no way to get a full length rivet in there so I’ll definitely need to cut one down. I’m just hoping that I can get a long enough rivet to hold in there well.

Not the greatest photo. This is the hole I mentioned above, but shot from the front of the firewall. The hole is noticeable (though blurry) in the red circle. The side of the firewall reinforcing channel comes up right behind it. The left side is actually a little worse then this. So I’m thinking cut a rivet a bit shorter and that should work. Otherwise I might need to cut off a bit of the side of the channel piece, which is a little tricky since it’s installed.