Fuselage Side Skins

Time: 1.5 hrs

Clecoed the sides onto the front/center fuselage. Everything seemed to line up well. I noticed that a few holes need to be drilled out that I must have missed during the test fit. Besides that everything looks good. I won’t be riveting the side for a while just in case I need access to an area that is obstructed by the side skin.


Right side skin loosely clecoed. I won’t be riveting this for a while, but prior to riveting I’ll need to remove the plastic from the areas where the rivets go and add a lot more clecos.


View from above with all the bracing to keep things straight.


Left side is on now. I’m missing the triangular piece that attaches at the wing root area. Hopefully that will be coming in soon.


One more shot above with both sides on. Rib #2 is clecoed on as well just checking for how things line up.


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