Start Circuit Test

Time: 0.5hrs

I put together a test circuit of how I’m thinking of doing the start circuit wiring for my Sling. The issue is that I’m not totally sure if I’ll be using the Rotax 915 (which isn’t available yet) or the standard 914. If I use the 914 then the typical master switch (keyed or not) and an aviation start switch could be used in place of all this. It would take a little less panel space and simply things a bit. However, if I use the 915 then a standard aviation switch can’t be used since it will use electronic ignition. The problem comes down to this. If I end up getting the panel cut and installed and then I choose to use the 915 then I need to rework the panel and probably get a new one and cut with different holes and layout. This circuit though would work for both engines so I’m thinking it may be the safest route, plus you get the cool glowing start switch. I also like the idea of the keyed master. If I have the key then I know I turned off the master.


I made a quick panel mock up to hold the switches. I mentioned in the video that the master solenoid is incorrect. I purchased one that needs power supplied to the coil to operate rather then just simply grounding the coil. Not a big deal, but typically you use the later as your master solenoid. The actual circuit can be found on the Resources page. It’s actually very simple, it just looks a lot worse with all the clip leads being used.

Here’s a short video that shows the circuit working. Sorry I suck at making videos and this is actually the first time I’ve every posted anything on line.