ELT Wiring

Time: 0.75 hrs

Ran some wring to the ELT location. I don’t have the ELT yet, but I saw that the ELT is typically installed in the right (co-pilot) side under the rear seat. The ELT that I’ll be using is the Artex ELT345. It requires a 2 wire connection for the panel switch and a single shielded wiring for the serial connections to the GPS. I believe the Slings from the factory typically use the ACK ELT-E04. What I didn’t like about it was that it requires batteries in just about everything…. remote switch, buzzer, and of course the ELT itself, plus it requires aircraft power (if using a serial connection). The Artex is nice because it just uses the internal battery for all that, plus that battery is good for 6 years instead of 5. It’s almost exactly the same size and just a tad bit heavier… plus it’s lime green.

Some photos of the ELT unit. It comes with the mounting tray, antenna, buzzer, remote switch and cabling for around $500.



I ran about 15 feet of 22AWG-2 and 22AWG-1 shielded Tefzel wire. I also installed a few of the lightening hole standoffs that I bought a while ago.


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