Headset Wiring


Time: 0.5 hrs

Just ran some wiring for the headsets. I’ll be using Lemo connectors which supply power to the ANR headsets as well as mic and stereo audio. You can also use regular aviation headsets if you have an adapter. I contemplated this for a while and after reading several posts about installing Lemo connectors as well as standard aviation jacks and how people never used their standard jacks anymore, I thought it would be simplest and sufficient to only install Lemo style plugs.


The Garmin GMA245 has separate mic inputs for 4 people and 3 stereo outputs (pilot, co-pilot, and passengers). I ran (4) 22AWG-2 (M27500-22TG2T14) and (3) 22AWG-3 (M27500-22TG3T14), plus a 20AWG wire for power. I’m thinking this will all terminate on the Lemo side two 16pin Molex 150MX connector. I’ll probably just buy the remade Bose Lemo cables so I’ll just have to pin those and put them into the correct position in the connector. Having it come out on a multi-pin connector will also make removing a bad plug fairly easy by defining it from the connector and removing it.


This is the pre-made Bose Lemo plug that I’ll be using. They’re a little pricey at around $60 each, but even if you build it your self it’s still fairly expensive since the Lemo connectors themselves are around $30 each.



The bottom of the glove box already has (4) 7/16″ holes for the pilot and co-pilot mic and headset. Since each Lemo has both mic and stereo headset audio I’ll just wire the passenger Lemos to here as well. Everything in one convent place and less wire runs. The only issue I need to look at is if the flap actuator will hit the connectors. The connectors are about 1.5″ long and I’m not sure how much clearance there is. Phone jacks would be a bit more shallow so probably not an issue if using those. If all else fails I can make a box that sits into the glove box that gives more space for mounting the jacks.


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