Bulkhead Soundproofing

Time 0.5 hrs

Not too much excitement today. I just installed some 3/8″ soundproofing to the back of the rear bulkhead that mounts to rib 3. I ended up making a sandwich and clecoing it together then lightly cut the soundproofing with a new sharp razor. Then removed the celcos and made cuts all the way through. I then clecoed the bulkhead back onto the rib and installed the soundproofing from the top and worked my way down pulling the paper backing as I went.

Good news… Jordan from Torrance TAF said the parts should be here next week, but they have some kits there so if I want the infamous rear skin RF-SKN-007 sooner I can go get one. Also I want to see if they have a set of the small rose bearings so I can mount those on the pitch servo and control horn. I’m also checking with them on the new better, stronger com1 antenna mount.


Bulkhead sandwich… YUM.


View from the back before cutting.




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