Short Elevator Tube and Spar Spacers

Time: 1.5 hrs

Done today:

  • Cut and installed 27mm spacers in the spar
  • Verified that Service Bulletin #0010 doesn’t affect me (see previous post)
  • Drilled and reamed holes in ANG-010L and CHL-032L to 9.55mm (3/8″) for canopy light wires
  • Riveted short elevator control tube collars
  • Looked again at the side rear floor close off skins


Cut four 27mm wide (5″ long) spacers to put in the main spar to keep the gap for the wing spar. I guess I should have put these in sooner… before riveting the bottom of the main spar. It was a pretty tight fit… not too bad though. The bottom skin looks OK and this should help keep the correct spacing for the side skins so they don’t warp when inserting the wing. I may drill out a few of the rivets on the bottom just to see if I can loosen it up a little.


Saw that these three (CHL-023L) needed to be drilled out to 9.55 (3/8″) to allow the wiring for the canopy lights to pass through. Once the wiring is brought through then a grommet is put in place to protect and hold the wires. This only needs to be done on the left.


Same 9.55mm hole in ANG-010L


Installed some grommet edging in ANG-010 L & R. I had previously installed some in the other channel parts CHL-038 (2 per side)


This part is driving me crazy. It’s the close off skin for the side rear floor (that part held in with a copper cleco). I see other builders putting it on there side of the bracket which works, but then none of the holes that attach to the seat rail or the holes that have the rivnuts (for attaching to the under seat cover) line up. If I install it like this then all the holes line up great, but it just looks a bit funky. I guess I can cover all this with some carpet and you won’t even see it. To move it to the other side of the bracket means all new holes and probably having to drill out new holes in the rear floor under seat cover (the carpeted part show here) since the holes are only off by about a 1/16″-1/8″. With them being that close you really can’t use the existing holes in any of the parts.


All lines up great if the part is on this side of the bracket. The silver clecos are where M3 screws go, so there are M3 rivnuts installed there. I found that the small clecos work great for temporarily holding things together where M3 rivnuts are installed.



Short elevator control tube collar all installed.



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