Time: 1.75 hrs

Miscellaneous work done today:

  • Installed M3 rivnuts in the parachute box
  • Installed grommet edge on the parachute box
  • Installed straight MPT to -4AN fittings on parking brake lever
  • Installed and torques Garmin roll servo
  • Torqued parking brake level bracket bolts
  • Riveted gear uprights
  • Clecoed top ANG-010 part and spacers to fuselage



Saw in the new manual that grommet edging is installed in these areas, so installed that. Also I tried to clean off that funkiness on the aluminum, but can’t see to get it to come off. I was looking at the way I built the parachute box and I noticed that the side (to the right) in some photos in the new manual is actual inside those flanges from the other sides. The manual shows it as I made it and it appears that the other builders built it the same as me so I don’t know if it really matters. The other thing is that I put my rivets pointing into the box, I saw the factory and a few other builders put them in the other way. It probably doesn’t matter, but I was thinking this is where the parachute bag sits, do the side need to be smooth for the parachute to come out. Will it catch on the rivets… I’m thing not, but….



Put in M3 rivnuts along the edge of this channel piece. This is where the rocket cover goes. I don’t have the cover so I wasn’t sure if I should use M3 or M4 rivnuts. The manual says M4, but M3’s fit. I saw that Craig used M3 and confirmed that the holes in the cover fit 3mm screws so M3 it is.


Yay the roll servo is installed. I used an AN3-6A for the top and an an3-5A for the bottom. The top is a bit thicket because of the bracket. Also I kind of followed the manual for the bearing on the servo arm, but also used the Garmin instructions which used an AN970-3 washer instead of the AN4 washer called for in the build manual.


-4AN fittings installed. I’m not able to use 90 deg fittings here because they will hit each other when installing them. I’ll need to use a 90 deg fitting on the hose end instead. Of course those are a lot more expensive 😦



Got the gear channel uprights riveted and clecoed the top ANG-010 part along with all the spacers.



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