Rudder Pedal Redo

Time: 3.75 hrs

Redid the bolts and nuts in the rudder pedal assembly. I was originally given hardware to assemble the pedals using AN3 and AN4 undrilled bolts with locking nuts. I remember reading somewhere in some FAA documents that you aren’t supposed to use locking washers on parts that move and where the bolts can’t be torqued to the correct values. This was such a case. I assembled it and was going to send an email off to the factory to clarify, but I noticed in the newest fuselage manual (version 0.15) there is indeed a page that shows drilled bolts, castle nuts, and cotter pins being used. I ordered the necessary hardware from Aircraft Spruce and redid each of the bolts.

There are three bolts used on each pedal. One that holds the toe brake pedal to the arm, one that holds the brake cylinder to the toe brake pedal and lastly one that holds the brake cylinder to the arm. All of them need to move in some capacity so they can’t be torqued to the standard values for the particular sized bolt. The first two bolts and nuts were replaced as specified in the manual. The last one was a bit more tricky. First the AN3-10 bolt they specify is a bit short and caused the pedals to be tight when moved, so I used an AN3-11 which worked well, but was a tad bit long which caused the pedal arm to hit it. I was able to use a thin washer on the head side of the bolt and also changed the way I secured the cotter pin… using the “side wrap into the castle nut” method rather then the “over the top and bottom” method.


This is the bottom bolt. I used an AN3-11 (drilled) and washers as follows: (bolt head), thin, (mount), thin, (cylinder), thin, (mount), thick, (castle nut). Then just tighten so that the cylinder doesn’t move side to side and the nut should be one enough to put the cotter pin in.


These are the top two bolts; one is an AN3 and the other is an AN4. Everything done as specified in the manual. Once again I tightened until I didn’t get any side to side play in the parts. Also all bolts point to the center of the plane so on the left side (pilot side) the bolts point the opposite way.


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