Ailerons fixed and some wiring

Time: 2.5 hrs

Things done today:

  • Messed with the aileron movement in the control sticks
  • Wired the autopilot servo interconnect wiring
  • Crimped pins on the roll server wires

After an hour or so of messing with the front closing bracket, the aileron movement is much better. I found that when I riveted the front closing brackets on the control stick tubes it pushed out the mount a little which pushed the black vesconite bushing tighter against the stops on the control tube. All that was really needed was to loosen the 4 screws that attach the rear mounting bracket to the main spar and then I used a stick and hammer to lightly tap the bracket towards the nose of the plane. this loosened up the movement. It was also helpful to detach the push rod that interconnected the controls sticks so that I could isolate which stick was tight… both actually needed a little loosening.


Wiring for the roll servo done. I’ll need to order the servos this week. Once I get them installed I’ll put the pins in the connector, I don’t want to do that now, just incase something needs to change. The roll servo is a bit more involved then the pitch servo because a lot of the wiring daisy changes over from the roll to the pitch servo. The pitch servo is also the end of the CAN bus so a short jumper is needed and the shield for the CAN bus cable needs to ground to the connector and not loop through like what is don’t here for the roll servo.



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