Control Sticks

Time: 4.25 hrs

Things done today:

  • Installed the bushings and bearings on the control sticks
  • Installed control sticks
  • Installed cross link aileron control tube
  • Installed elevator to control stick push rods
  • Riveted long control tube stop limit collars
  • Riveted control sticks

Now that the control sticks are in I just need to finish a few more things and I can put the sides on the front fuselage. I need to finish installing the brake lines to the rudder pedals (parts are on order) and I’d like to install the autopilot servos. After those items are done I think I’ll be good to cleco on the sides.


A huge thanks to Jean at Torrance TAF. He found the hardware I needed to finish the control sticks so now I can install them.


Ahhh that doesn’t look right. It should be hitting the bushing not the bolt. I think I know why I had so many problems with the control sticks being tight. I think the control horns were mounted a little too far forward. The control stick came pre-assembled. Well I think I can just offset the bushing with some washers and that will work.


Yeah seems to work better and the bolt is still long enough. Also you can see the push rod that connects between the two control sticks. Make sure you put this in place before you put the control sticks in otherwise there’s no way to slide it into the space between the control sticks.


Installed the stop limit collars on the long elevator control tube. BTW I just noticed that the long elevator control tube needs to be installed the correct way… thank God I installed it right otherwise I would have had to do a lot of rivet removal to flip it around.


Push rods installed between the control sticks and long elevator control tube.


And the control sticks are now permanently installed. The aileron movement did seem to tighten up a bit when I riveted this bracket in. I’ll have to look at this tomorrow. The elevator control is perfect though, nice and smooth and not too much resistance.


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