Pushrods and bearings

Time: 2.25 hrs

Things done today:

  • Picked up finishing kit from TAF in Torrance
  • Installed push rod between short and long elevator control tubes
  • Loosely installed rudder to nose wheel push rods
  • Installed bearings on control sticks (still missing the stop bushings CT-BSH-010)
  • Set Stop limit collars on short and long elevator control tubes
  • Removed 3/8″ sound proofing and installed 1/4″ sound proofing in center of fuselage (under the elevator control horn on short control tube)

I decided to get the finishing kit event though I don’t need most of the parts until later. The reason for this was because the finishing kit has all the bearings and push rods that interconnect the control tubes and flight surfaces. I noticed the other builders had installed these early on in the fuselage construction. The manual says to do it later… closer to final assembly and rigging of the plane, but it sure seems easier to get everything installed before the sides go on the fuselage. Also the bolts in the control sticks are just about impossible to install if you rivet the control stick in and torquing the bolts would also be very difficult. Oh and the CT-BSH-010 parts that go on the control sticks don’t come with the finishing kit, I guess they’re supposed to come with the fuselage kit but I didn’t get them.


The 3/8″ soundproofing was a little thick, the elevator control horn rubbed a little when fully back (above photo). Fortunately I had some 1/4″ soundproofing material that was perfect


img_3212 img_3213 img_3214

A little hard to see, but I used a laser level to light up (mark) the center of the fuselage and then used that to line up the control horns on the short and long elevator control tubes to make sure the push rod was lined up. Probably not completely necessary, but at least I know it’s aligned nicely between the two points. After I knew this was lined up I set the short and long control tube limit collars, marked them and put some clips on them to hold them in place. I’ll double check alignment before I rivet them to the control tubes.


Added the bearing to the control sticks. I still don’t have the bushings that go on the end on the bolt. The bushings are used as stops, they contact the aileron stops installed on both sides of the fuselage to limit the left/right movement of the control stick. BTW that little brass type knob on the lower bearing hits the upper bearing so I had to flip it to the bottom.



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