Brake Cylinders

Time: 1.25 hrs

Things done today:

  • Installed the 1/8″ MPT to -4AN 90deg fittings onto brake cylinders
  • Installed brake cylinders onto rudder pedal assembly


Using -4AN fittings on the brake cylinders. The manual calls to use Loctite 577 which I found at Tooldex for around $20 for a 50ml tube. The -4AN fittings and hose (still on order) came from Summit Racing. I used a rubber tubing wrench to tighten the fitting onto the cylinders which seemed to work very well and it didn’t damage the aluminum fittings.


Here are the fittings installed in the “correct” position I hope.


Cylinders installed. I initially torqued the bolts to the correct torque settings, but noticed that nothing moved, so I backed off on the bolt torque until things loosened up a bit. I’ll have to double check with the factory, but I believe this is OK. I noticed in an older manual that they used to use castle nuts and cotter pins which I thought is what you need to use here, but the new manual and hardware are locking AN365 type nuts.


Just wrapped the fitting ends with some plastic wrap to keep dirt out.




All done and the pedals move very smoothly.

The stainless steel braided hoses with the -4AN fittings should be here in a week or so. Once that arrives I’ll have to cut and build the hoses to fit.



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