More Rudder Pedal Work

Time: 1.25 hrs

Done today:

  • Riveted closing brackets for rudder pedals
  • Riveted the closing brackets for the shirt elevator control tube
  • Drilled out some missing holes in the luggage floor channel



When I was fitting the closing brackets a few days ago for the short elevator tube I noticed that it had tighten up quite a bit when adding in the left most closing bracket. I was going to remove some material from it but noticed if the rib was moved a little it freed it up quite a bit. So I decided to cleco on the rear fuselage rib 2 just to see how things would fit when it’s all together. Amazingly the control tube moved beautifully… glad I didn’t just start removing material. With this done it was quick work to rivet the closing brackets on. I did need to remove rib2 to get to the rivets though. I’ll drill and rivet the collars later after I install the push rods so I know its all lined up correctly.



When drilling out the 1/4″ (6mm) holes in the luggage channel I had noticed that I was also missing the holes for the rivets into that vertical piece. Since I had rib2 in place it was a good time to mark and drill these out as well.


That went pretty quick… all done with that.


img_3185Well the closing brackets are installed. The pedals still seem a bit tight. I’m thinking it will be OK, but I’m tempted to derivet them and try a few more things. Riveting them was a real pain because there isn’t a lot of room and all needed to be hand riveted. I hate hand pulling the larger rivets… very difficult to get the mandrel to break. I think the rudder pedals have been the worst part of the build so far. I spent quite a bit of time on them and nothing really seems to help with the tightness. The only thing I can think to do at this point is remove material from the black bushings themselves.



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