Control Tubes

Time: 1.5 hrs

Riveted the control tube closing brackets. I had previously needed to remove some material from the elevator tube portion of the closing brackets because it was a pretty tight fit. The flap tube (on the top) was always pretty smooth so I didn’t touch that much. After I finished riveting though the flap tube tightened up a little. I think it’s still good, but it definitely got a bit tighter after riveting.

I also removed the control stick tubes. It’s just too impossible to get the bolts in and torque them. I need to get the finishing kit so I can get a few more of the rose bearings and the control bushing stops that need to be install on the control stick tubes. They should really include these in the kit. I guess I can understand having the push rods in the finishing kit, but putting in some of these bearings really needs to be done at this stage rather then towards the end of the build.

I’m going to wait on riveting the ring stops on the elevator control tube until I install the push rods so I know things are lined up well and the control tubes are in their correct place.



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