Random Stuff

Time: 4.25 hrs

Things done today:

  • Primed parachute box parts
  • Primed gear channel main upright
  • Primed luggage compartment floor and rear bulkhead
  • Drilled .25″ (6.35mm) holes in luggage channel (RF-CHL-001)
  • Loosely installed brake knob to throttle assembly
  • Installed bearing for elevator
  • Installed bearings on rear elevator tube



Hard to see here, but the brake knob that came with the kit was tapped for an M4 screw while the new one was tapped for an M5. I chose to use the newer one just because it wasn’t scratched up. Just though t I should mention the inconsistency here.



The parking brake leveler needed a little filing. The knob would hit in a few spots.


While reviewing the 0.14 version of the fuselage manual I noticed a note about drilling 6.35mm (.25″) holes in the luggage channel (clecoed to the seat bottom). This is because there are rivet backs that would hit the channel piece when the rear seat is installed. It was pretty easy just to center punch the holes and drill them out. Was goo I noticed it before I painted the luggage channel.



Here it is all done. Lots of holes.


In stalled a bunch of the rose bearings into the control tubes. I really just used the manual as a general guide for washer placement and bolt length. I think I ended up using mostly a shorter bolt (11A instead of 12A) and different combinations of thick and thin washers to get things to fit well.


Used a pair of long needle nose pliers to get the last washers into the joint.



This is the top of the short elevator tube. I think the manual called for 4 thick washers in the joint, but 2 thick and 2 thin seemed to be a better fit. The bolt was still a little ling so I added a thin washer on the end.


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