Rudder pedals

Time: 2.75 hrs

Things done today:

  • Painted rudder pedal parts
  • Loosely installed rudder stops on pedal assembly
  • Loosely installed pedals on rudder assembly



The rudder stops loosely installed. Will tighten them up once the cabling is done. The grey doesn’t match exactly, but it’s close. Also you can see the bearing that will connect to the from nose wheel for nose wheel steering. I ended up using AN washers on the head side of the bolt (not in manual)… seems the bolt is long enough.



I love these rudder pedals. The pedals pivot and will eventually connect to pistons that push the fluid through the brake lines. I will need to order some -4AN braided lines and fittings. Summit Racing ( seems to have what I need. The lines that are supplied by TAF are plastic and although its light I just don’t trust it. Now if I could afford the light weight kevlar lines, but at $15/foot… may be an upgrade later 🙂


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