Throttle and Garmin AP Servo mounts

Time: 4.5 hrs

Things done today:

  • Primed rudder pedal assembly parts
  • Finished riveting rib 2 (Rear fuselage)
  • Reassembled throttle level on new mounting brackets
  • Fit brake valve and throttle into throttle plate
  • Swapped out standard AP servo mounts with Garmin ones


img_3121img_3119I had already done some assembly of the throttle, but since I upgraded to the toe brakes they sent me new mounting brackets that had all the adjustment holes in them. My old parts didn’t have the holes so I added them myself… I figured it would be better to use the new ones with the correct hole placement. I just loosely fit the handles on because I’ll need to take this apart again to put the cover decal on.

I had ordered the Garmin kit because I needed the mount for the GMU22 magnetometer, but didn’t realize there are different mounts for the AP servos. I had already put in the ones for the MGL so those had to be removed and the new ones installed.


The one for the pitch (elevator) servo done. Soundproofing still intact.


The one for the roll (aileron) servo done. I don’t think I need to change the right side one, but will see when I get the servos.


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