It’s been a while

Well I still don’t have my parts so I’ve been working to clean up the electrical diagrams and panel layout. I created a bunch of new objects for the panel so it’s looking pretty close to what it will look like in reality. I’ve also been contemplating whether I will wait for the 915is or use the 914UL. In either case I’m trying to design the electronics and panel so that it can easily accommodate both. For example I added separate mag switches rather then use the aviation type start switch. This layout will work with the mags on the 914UL or the A/B ignition units (ECU’s) on the 915is. I also like the idea of having a keyed master switch rather then a simple switch.. if I have the key then I know the master is off. This idea is used on the Sling 2’s that use the 912is and I didn’t like it as first, but now that I think about it more I kind of like it. The one thing I don’t like about the Sling electronics design is that they put the full load of the system through the master switch. I’d rather do the more traditional Battery Contactor and use a low current switch. For this reason I couldn’t find a keyed switch that was both the master and the start switch so I opted to do a separate start switch, but the cool part is I can use one that’s illuminated and it’s pretty easy to make the light come on when everything is switched on correctly (mags, master, etc) for the engine to start. Also I’m thinking of installing capacitive fuel level sensors in addition to the resistive floats. If I do I’ll need another way to read that level so I added in the separate 2.5″ gauge for that. Once I figure out which one is more accurate then I can wiring that one into the Garmin GEA24. I’m thinking maybe to put the separate gauge in the throttle quadrant so that if I don’t want to keep it I can just replace that part and not have a hole in the instrument panel.

Here’s the new panel layout.


Here’s the PDF of the electrical diagrams. Just email me if you want the Visio since WordPress won’t let me upload that file type



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