Low friction tape

Time: 1.25 hrs

I noticed that the seats on the Slings don’t slide very well when adjusting them so I added some low friction tape to the front seat bottoms. This will keep the paint from scratching off and also help the seat to slide better. I haven’t been able to fully test it to see if it helps, but I was able to check it with the seat halfway inserted onto rails and it slides very nice so hopefully it was worth the effort and cost. The tape isn’t cheap. I bought a 18 yard roll of CS Hyde 2″ UHMW Polyethylene Tape off Amazon for around $35. 3M also makes similar tape, but I think that was around $75 for a 2″ roll.


It doesn’t look great, but you won’t really be able to see it once the seat is instal din the rails. I’m not sure what he holes on the side of the seats are for, but I cut the tape out for the holes anyways.

This stuff was kind of a pain to install or at least install so it looked OK. I ended up marking the bottom side with some tape so I knew where to align the edge of the tape. I then pealed the whole backing of the tape off and positioned it on the marks and lightly pressed along the end to get it to stick. Then I pressed in the center on the bottom and work out to the edges, just on the bottom. Once the bottom was done I slowly pressed around the edge from the center to wrap it around the side of the seat bottom. It does come off and doesn’t leave a residue. It took me two or three tries to get it looking good without bubbles or alignment issues.

I should probably put a little on the adjuster with there pin is as well.


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