Lightening hole stand offs

Time: 0.5hr

Installed a few lightening hole standoffs for running the wiring through the lightening holes. They’re a bit expensive (about $3 each), but I think it will make the wiring a bit more secure and clean. You can do similar using two zip ties or make your own bracket our of some aluminum and then use a regular tie mount. I purchased these off Amazon (, but it looks like they actually came from Mouser… will have to get the part number off the bag.



Some of the lightening hole stand-offs installed near the main spar area with the cool blue zip ties. The wringing for the elevator AP servo is seen. More wire from the rear fuselage will run through here as well. I wanted to use a bright color for the zip ties so that I can see them easily if I need to cut them. The 4.5mm wide ties fit perfect in the stand-offs.


Installed a few in the center console, low so the wiring will run under the rudder cables.


I also finally received the swatches for the flooring material. I kind of like the material I had already chosen better. The color is a bit darker then the swatches and the pattern is better, I’ve already covered some of the parts with it, though it would be easy to recover if I needed to. I know TAF supplies their own carpeting, but it’s not very nice and is pretty thin. The swatches are from  SCS Interiors ( They seem to be good quality, I’m just not really liking the colors.


The material under is the carpeting that I used on the inside of the glove box and used on some of the removal panels. The swatches are (from top to bottom): Licorice, Gray, and Black.



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