Backseat floor skin mod

Time: 0.5 hrs

I decided to modify the backseat floor skin (CF-SKN-021) where is sits under the rear panel of the center console. The holes didn’t line up and I don’t think they were all that necessary since the backseat floor skin sits under the panel and there are plenty of screws holding it to the center section of the floor.


The piece on the right is the backseat floor skin and the other piece is the rear panel of the center console. The holes are a little off.



I need up just cutting them off completely and left a tab that will fit behind the rear panel.


Also contemplated on how to get these side floor pieces to fit right. I know that the flag is supposed to fit on the outside of the main support piece, but mine just won’t fit that way.


If I fit it in front of the support then the top holes don’t line up with the holes in the seat rails. But in all the photos I’ve seen and the Sling 4 at KTOA this piece is suppose to fit in front.


If I put it on the inside then all fits great and the top holes also line up with the seat rail. So it looks like I need to move the bend about 1/8 to 1/4″… Hmmm. Or I just leave it this way.


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